Terms and Conditions

  1. almanthoma altolabia shall not be liable for the research services it provides to the customers if they are submitted to the third party.
  2. The research services provided to the customer is a service that has been carried out on the customer's request and any result may be borne by the customer alone.
  3. The selection of requirements and the type of service is not subject to change after signing or agreement.
  4. The time agreed upon is not subject to change unless approved by the written management of almanthoma altolabia and the customer is not entitled to change on its own or to claim service before the date of delivery.
  5. The customer undertakes to pay all the amounts due after the reading of the research and careful examination and is not entitled to delay or delay payment.
  6. The customer shall not be entitled to receive the service until after payment of all the amounts due, even if the purpose of the receipt is the inspection. The inspection shall be inside almanthoma altolabia  and on the display screens only without taking copies or photocopying them by mobile phone.
  7. The customer gets the guarantee of the amendment to the research services after reviewing the supervisors or specialists in the university so that the modification process does not exceed (3) times and then almanthoma altolabia  is entitled to account the customer for the additional amounts.
  8. After completing the service, the customer will be contacted for inspection and show the service in order to ensure quality before final delivery.
  9. Delivery dates are strict and can not change only after the consent of almanthoma altolabia to do so.
  10. The customer loses the amount paid in advance in case of cancellation of the service and is not entitled to claim it.
  11. The customer gets privacy in dealing with almanthoma altolabia  where the management ensures complete confidentiality in all transactions.
  12. almanthoma altolabia does not keep any copy of the search for the customer where after the final delivery is deleted all files.

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